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For each work we were entrusted with, we devised a non-standard solution. We always came up with an original idea. We always went for a pound even though we were asked for a penny. This is why our creations speak for us and tell our quality, our passion, our creativity!


We are committed to fulfill all our customers' needs, building very complex structures while at the same time ensuring that all the procedures required by the current regulations are respected. This creates a safer working environment and ensures our clients against possible fines.

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Aceto Ponti @ Expo 2015

In order to stand out in a visually saturated environment such as Expo, you have to think of something special. Aceto Ponti asked us to create something which could impress the visitors of the Eataly-managed regional restaurants.

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Artigiano in Fiera

What we try to build with each of our works is a relation of confidence with our customers. A relation which can bring great satisfactions, just like it did with L’Artigiano in Fiera.

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UYBA Volley Busto Arsizio

Our work is often appreciated, rather than for the quality of the single object, for our ability to be a one-stop shop for any communication need a brand might have. This is the case also for our relationship with UYBA Volley Busto Arsizio.

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European Institute of Oncology

Our work with Umberto Veronesi’s European Institute of Oncology began, as it often happens to us, with a small task. We initially created a modular signposting system for the institute. The relationship evolved on the occasion of the IEO 10th anniversary.

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