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Let's get out of here safely!

With our transparent barriers and other highly effective anti-Covid 19 protection devices we have developed, you can finally restart your business with peace of mind, with everything you need to protect the health of your employees and of your customers.

The epidemiological data are very encouraging and seem to confirm that the worst is now behind us: the closure decreed by the Government has undoubtedly affected the morale and the economy of many families and businesses, but it has allowed us to contain the contagion; now we can reasonably think that it is time to start again!
We are all called upon to resume our activities, to recover as soon as possible what has been lost in these long months of productive inactivity. Of course, we must not let our guard down, now that the situation is taking the right turn.
That is why it is necessary to create the conditions to return to normal in complete safety.
Yeah, that's easy to say, but... how is that possible?
Area Grafica has thought of a global solution to allow businesses and offices to resume their usual activities with devices suitable for all needs.

Our transparent barriers are easy to install and allow you to protect customers and employees without altering the aesthetic appearance of your workplace: made with ergonomically safe materials, they can be modulated according to the size of the production environment and can be fully customised in terms of graphics and text settings. Thanks to their elegance and lightness, they are able to protect with high security from contagions without creating any sensation of distance from customers, precisely because they are not at all invasive in the aesthetic context of the work environment.

These solutions can be combined with other very useful tools for your safety, required by the government decree for companies and offices: gel dispenser columns and anti-Covid-19 signs. The columns are available in the shape and size you prefer, with graphics that can be fully customized according to your requirements. The same goes for the signage, which we can change in appearance, size and content according to your needs and which are also available in foreign language versions.

So, are you ready to start again? We'll protect you from Covid-19! Contact us and we will give you all the information.

Cartelli misure prevenzione COVID-19

Sgnaletica distanziamento sociale COVID-19

Barriera protettiva in plexiglass anticoronavirus


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