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For each work we were entrusted with, we devised a non-standard solution. We always came up with an original idea. We always went for a pound even though we were asked for a penny. This is why our creations speak for us and tell our quality, our passion, our creativity!

The decoration of the Arch of Casa Alessia in Novara

In this article we would like to tell you a beautiful story of solidarity. In the Sant'Agabio district, on the outskirts of Novara, an old fountain in the shape of an arch, built above the road surface of the Largo Alessia square, had fallen into disuse: it no longer worked and its metal structure had rusted.

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Gianni Car Repair in Oleggio

When we work for a client, we like to take part in his experiences, to share his history and to dip in his traditions, in order to be able to better express what his job really is.

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An overview of the situation of international trade fairs

The Coronavirus pandemic has revolutionized the global manufacturing world with many consequences in trade relations. In order to better understand the evolution in progress, we took a look at the markets outside Europe and the situation of the international trade fairs organized abroad.

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Let's get out of here safely!

With our transparent barriers and other highly effective anti-Covid 19 protection devices we have developed, you can finally restart your business with peace of mind, with everything you need to protect the health of your employees and of your customers.

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