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Discover how to renew your kitchen with Area Grafica

In these months the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic affected many households, therefore renovating the house or even just changing the furniture of an apartment has become a difficult dream to realize for some people.

Coming back from work everyone needs to have a nice kitchen, always tidy, comfortable and functional, to adequately prepare lunches and dinners for the whole family. Time after time, however, the structures around the stove tend to deteriorate, but changing them becomes a need that often clashes with the impossibility of facing an expense difficult to sustain. Also in this case, the creativity and the skills of our designers and craftsmen allowed us to find the right solutions to meet all customer requirements.

This is confirmed by Mrs. Silvana from the province of Novara. As herself tells us, she would have liked to change her kitchen:

«After 18 years of daily use, the appliances were still perfectly functional, but, as normal, the lower doors of the furniture were ruined in a very evident way: they had numerous chipping and were also discolored. For this reason, together with my family, I would have liked to change the whole structure of the kitchen, but in this period we did not have the possibility to do it. 
Since a long time we knew Area Graphics and the professionalism of its designers, even in the field of home renovation, and it occurred to us to ask them for advice and for an estimate. It was our salvation! They are really skillful and ingenious in their suggestions: instead of changing all the furniture, they proposed us to modernize it, grouting and lacquering the lower doors and the peninsula table top. They did a great job, and I'm really satisfied: my kitchen is back practically as good as new and I also saved a lot of money! By the way, now I like it even more than before from an aesthetic point of view, because it is more modern: with time I got tired of its color and appearance, which is now completely renovated.
Given the very happy outcome of this renovation, I am already thinking that, as soon as possible, I will turn to them also to repair the furniture in the sitting room and, why not, also to give new life to my kitchen tiles».

Mrs. Silvana has in fact discovered that, among our proposals to renovate houses with little expense, we are also able to change the appearance of the tiles avoiding any heavy and annoying renovation work... Do you want to discover how we do it? Contact us and we will give you all the information!


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